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Zee is qualified in the following:

  • Diploma in Hatha yoga theory

  • GTP graduate teacher

  • Masters in drama and theatre

Zee (Team member)

A creatively academic individual, Zee attended University after completing her A-Levels to major in Drama & theatre studies, completing a Masters degree specialising in being an artistic advisor and producer.


Circumstances found her working as an Auxiliary Nurse for 2 years on a surgical ward dealing with pre and post-op patients, many of whom were critically ill, and required care and attention physically, mentally and emotionally. This gave Zee a wealth of experience when it came to wellbeing, health and the need for a true balance of mind, body and spirit.


Returning to her passion for the arts, Zee completed a course in teacher training with the Institute of Education in London and became a full-time drama teacher in a secondary school. Dealing with emotional teenagers on a daily basis, Zee soon began to look into the use of wellbeing practices such as Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga and how this can help the emotional development of her students.


"So far it's been a great success. I've found a positive response in the grades and results that my students achieved alongside an improvement in their emotional confidence in the classroom. This has been really encouraging and is an area I am keen to develop this further!"


Zee had a difficult adolescence and early adulthood, struggling with anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and low confidence for a large chunk of her life, and has looked to find ways in which to help her manage and control these in a variety of ways.  


"I have been a Spiritually-minded person since a very young age, studying a variety of different spiritual paths, crystals, healing and practising meditation for over 20 years. I maintain a personal Yoga practice too which combines deep visualisation alongside the postures which all helps.
Now I'm in the position where have taught meditation to adults and teens alike as well as leading a Spiritual circle, and working as a Spiritual counsellor on a personal level for the last 10 years."


Being a wife and mother grounds Zee, and helps her to find both new challenges, but also new joys. They help her to practise daily gratitude and through them she finds a reason to be successful.

Zee works hard to support Anna with the work done at Evolution Wellness and is an integral part of social media and admin support. 

Zee's roll will continue to grow as Evolution Wellness does


Get to know the team...

What were you doing before coming to Evolution Wellness?

I am a full-time drama teacher and Head of Department in a London comprehensive teaching 11-18 year olds. As part of this I also run the meditation and anti-anxiety calm room to promote relaxation and wellbeing with our students. I have led meditation circle sessions for adults and teenagers over the past 10 years and I run my own blog.

What other work have you done in your life?

I have been an Auxiliary Nurse working on an intense pre and post-op ward. I spent several years taking care of patient's physical and emotional wellbeing as part of this and it gave me a wide breadth of experience.

Prior to completing my Teacher Training I was an Autism specialist teaching assistant in a London school.

What are you really proud of?
Watching my daughter grow and learn and develop into this wonderful little human being makes me so proud each and every day.

Watching my students develop, learn and then excel in the skills that I am teaching them, and watching their confidence and ability surpass what they thought they were capable of.
I would also say that I am proud of myself and my ability to adapt to any and every situation I find myself in, my ability to overcome the adversities that have come my way throughout my life, and my ability to still maintain a Positive outlook in life throughout all of it.

Is there some aspect of your own development you are working on for 2019?

Strengthening my Spiritual connection and personal wellbeing through developing my Journalling this year to include time for Reflection, Gratitude and Planning ahead. 
Also being able to ground myself, be more mindful and relax easier by developing my personal Meditation routine to include regular Pathworking sessions (structured meditation) and Yoga Nidra, as well as exploring Dream Incubation further. 
And of course, time for Spiritual study and practice - connecting with myself in an attempt to find who I truly am, what I want, and how I am going to achieve it. 

What makes you happy?

My family, my close friends and spiritual sister. They truly are my Joy and my Happiest memories are created with them. And Books… Lots of Books!

Do you have an inspirational quote, motto or affirmation you like or use?

“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, it’s learning how to dance in the rain…”

“My cup isn’t half full, or half empty. My cup is over flowing.”

If someone was unsure about coming to a class, course or workshop, what advice would you give them?

What is the worst thing that can happen? You might go and realise it’s not for you… but you also might find something which you were not expecting which has a positive influence on your life. It reminds me of the quote by Eric Hanson- “What if I fall? Oh but my darling what if you fly?”.

Without trying it, you will never know.

There are many reasons why we might fear, have anxiety, be worried about going, but Evolution Wellness is about learning how to face that and find a positive set of skills to help you to deal with these times when then arrive.



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