Anna from evolution wellness is so knowledgeable and an expert in her field. Her warmth and understanding shines through. Very talented and her services are bespoke, great value and you feel completely comfortable with her. 

Clare P

We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our workshops with Anna. Her guided meditations should be available on the NHS.


I was lucky enough to share a one to one journalling session with Anna in a safe, warm and calm space. She was sensitive, insightful and respectful. I left the session feeling inspired and looking forward to returning in a few months to receive further insights and spiritual learning. I can not recommend this course highly enough, if only to enjoy the positive energies that Anna and her surroundings provide.


I lead a very stressful life running a business and juggling family. My blood pressure has suffered as a result and I decided that in order to try and reduce this, I would pursue an alternative way instead of taking medication. One of these has been learning meditation. My doctor had suggested this to me so when I met Anna at a class I attended, I felt this could help me. Having spent the last 4 months learning techniques from Anna to help with my stress levels I am seeing positive result. My blood pressure is coming down and I feel more relaxed and able to handle day to day issues calmly. Meditation is just a way of tuning out from the world for 5- 10 minutes at a time to let your brain and mind empty allowing you to focus on what’s really important. Thank you Anna!


I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the meditation session. I came along not really knowing what to expect but found the experience so relaxing and I couldn't believe we were there for an hour-it felt like 5 minutes! I am looking forward to coming again and want to continue with meditation when I go to uni so thank you for introducing me! 


First of all, I wanted to say thank you for your class yesterday - I found it really enjoyable. I just wanted to share a rather wild experience I had following the class. When you encouraged us to let things go out into the sea, I asked to release my fear of getting breast cancer (my left breast is always achey with no medical explanation, though EFT does help). Anyway, this afternoon I've had no discomfort at all! The long and short of it is that your class has really helped my physical body, and I am so appreciative!


I loved the workshop and Anna was really knowledgeable. She presents like she's been doing it for years, really clear and engaging. I was impressed and really got something from it. I really was 'in the moment'.  


Thanks so much for last night. It was such a good session and I will be recommending this to a lot of people. 

I have to say before coming I was a little skeptical on the whole meditation stuff as a whole. But your explanation and the 2 meditations that you went through were great.


Thank you! You have honestly made a difference to us, you bringing this to me was exactly what was needed at exactly the right time. A little bit of your teaching will stay with me now and I am so grateful. Xxx 


My very heart-felt testimony!!

I have been attending Anna’s meditation sessions for the last few weeks and have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each session, feeling like I am able to meditate a little more profoundly each time I go. 


The actual meditation is amazing and something I had never experienced before. Anna makes you feel welcome, comfortable and confident. It has left me feeling so much more calm and able to deal with life in a far less stressful way.

She has provided meditation tools and methods to take away and use at home, which I will definitely use.

I honestly would recommend to all. 


I feel truly blessed to have found Evolution Wellness & met Anna at a Mindfulness workshop recently! 
I loved her positive approach & demeanor so much during the 45 minute session, that I decided to book some private mindfulness sessions for me, my family & a friend! She is helping me to further develop my 'tool-set', by sharing her knowledge & skills, helping me to become self-sufficient. 
My 12 year old son is also reaping massive benefits from Anna's wonderful teachings, which is utterly amazing! 
I HIGHLY recommend Evolution Wellness to help you and yours!


I attended the meditation level one course and it’s one of the best things I have ever done! Anna gave me the skills I needed in a really easy-to-follow format to help develop my own mediation practice. She gave really helpful tips and was always there to offer a helping hand when things were difficult. Anna has passed on invaluable skills and knowledge that will serve me for a lifetime. Thank you Anna, looking forward to level 2!


Anna's classes are not only calming but very educational. I had no idea there were so many ways in which to meditate! Anna has a very warm and personable disposition. Her voice during the guided meditation is wonderful. I take what I learn away with me and try to incorporate it into my life and it really helps with anxiety and can even aid sleep. I would thoroughly recommend everybody to try it!

Debbie R

I started to learn about meditation and mindfulness with Anna a year ago. Anna gently guides you through a variety of practices so that you can find what suits you - we are all different after all. You know that she too is always pushing herself to learn more in this world of possibilities. Having the knowledge to be able to start quietening the mind and take a step back from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and being able to use it in everyday life is the most useful and beneficial tool I now possess and I got this at Anna's classes. I cannot recommend them highly enough for what they have given me.

Debbie N

I started looking into meditation and mindfulness in 2015 after suffering with severe anxiety. I used it alongside other helpful techniques. Anna helped give me tips on how to manage my anxiety and on mindfulness. I spend ten minutes every day stretching and deep breathing. This helps give me just a few minutes of peacefulness, a chance to step back and review my day. Anna has taught me through mindfulness lessons, meditation classes and a healing workshop. She has a fresh approach giving help and tips on how best to meditate. Her lessons provide a warm and relaxed feeling making you at ease from the moment you walk in. The best way to practice the art!


My personal journey since being mentored by Anna has dramatically improved; I am calmer and more fixated on my personal journey. She has helped to clear my thoughts and figure out where I need to be. I really felt a connection with Anna from the first instance, she has a calming demeanour, and she is beautiful and extremely approachable person.

I have never felt pressured by Anna to attend her classes or to do anything in a practice that I shouldn’t and this in turn makes me feel a lot more relaxed around her.


There are no words to describe how much these meditation and mindfulness classes have helped me in many areas of my life. As someone who suffers with mental health and sleep problems, this has helped me change my way of thinking and become a happier person. I am now able to meditation as often as I like and where ever I like to settle anxieties and help with my sleeping pattern. Her knowledge and understanding is incredible.


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Mental services
Physical fitness

Anna has been teaching me pole dance for a few years. She is extremely patient and positive. The lessons are varied and fun and over the last three years has taught me from a beginner to being able to do advanced moves. 
Safety is always a priority. Anna makes sure we are all ready and confident to do all the moves correctly and safely. I have to say that she is the best teacher that has ever taught me and I highly recommend her. 


Anna is an excellent instructor who has an in depth knowledge and skill that she translates effortlessly. 

She keeps us safe and after 3 and a half years, I've had no injuries. 
Her classes are fun and varied and I honestly look forward to our classes every week. 

Without Anna I would not be where I am now. Her encouragement and her enthusiasm makes our class the highlight of my week. 


Anna's warm personality, patience and enthusiasm are a perfect combination to create a truly enjoyable class. She is a fantastic teacher who knows exactly how to build your strength and confidence week by week and always finds a great balance between fun and challenging classes. 

Her knowledge around healthy eating, muscle recovery and conditioning have really helped me continue my fitness journey in between her classes. 


Anna is a wonderful instructor. She helps you overcome your own self doubts, teaches to your strengths and makes you feel like you really can achieve anything. (And cheers you on when you do!)

She is professional and yet relaxed, her classes are full of humor and helpful hints to get passed any tricky bits. 


They broke the mold when they created Anna, she walked into our lives as a pole fitness instructor and has become a life coach, a therapist and a friend.  We are truly blessed to have her and her knowledge.  Our weekly pole sessions have seen the bond between strangers develop into an intricate support network of friends, we couldn’t ask for more!


Evolution Wellness gave me top tips to think outside the box and improve holistic health (it's not just about what you physically see on the outside!) Couldn't recommend it more and Anna is great! Thank you. 


Anna has truly helped me with my fitness and nutrition over the years and I can’t sing her praises enough. I would love to keep improving on my fitness levels so I can take on more challenges! 


I love your hoop classes! I find them really positive and easy to follow and friendly. A few places I’ve found the instructor isn’t approachable but you really are. I am always nervous and worry about starting something but I really feel at home.


I’ve really enjoyed your teaching. I think the pace has really helped me build my confidence! Thank you 


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I had the lovely Anna from Evolution wellness come and teach a meditation workshop for me and my Pilates students. We had a fantastic evening, Anna was so informative and clear with her presentation. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, and can’t wait to start our meditation journey! Thank you so much Anna, you really are such an incredible teacher!

Aleisha D

Owner of Truly Pilates

I've had the pleasure of working with Anna over the last few months. It has been a great partnership! She's very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does - always coming up with new ideas and ways to engage our students. I genuinely know she cares about every client who steps into her class and her energy is infectious! 

Victoria W

Owner of Very Yoga, Reigate

[Anna is] one of my very best. [She] impressed me more than anyone in all the years I've been doing our instructor training.

Sarah B

Pole studio owner

We've had meditation sessions held in the store and it has been a huge success, classes fully booked (with waiting lists) each week! (And has been invited back for another block of sessions due to demand)
Anna is incredibly welcoming and puts you at ease as soon as you meet her, understanding each individual's needs. Her sessions allow you to let go of daily stresses and with her knowledge and encouragement she can help you master the skill of meditation. HIGHLY recommend.

Michelle P

Manager, Sweaty Betty Reigate

Anna has run a number of Mindfulness & Meditation workshops and classes for me at Reigate Dance Studio and she is fantastic at what she does. So knowledgable and relatable, and always leaves attendees wanting to learn more. Very excited to welcome Anna to run more classes and even courses at our facilities very soon. Highly recommend Anna and Evolution Wellness!

Lucy P

Owner of Reigate Dance Studio

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