Mindfulness FAQs

Mindfulness is much like the gym for your brain. It takes time and practise to build this skill but as with learning any new skill, the more you do it, the better you'll get and the more you'll feel the benefits.  With an overwhelming amount of information now available on the subject, it can be tricky to know where to start or where to go if you do struggle. As you get deeper into the subject, the topics can be quite a challenge. People often come with questions and/or blocks in their journeys with Mindfulness. Thankfully, with a wealth of experience, Evolution Wellness is able to assist you!

Blocks to mindfulness

I've tried to do it but I'm not sure I'm doing it right?

I don't have time to practise

I can't concentraite/get bored/restless

I'm finding the formal/infomal practise hard to get to grips with

I'm finding some of my emotions tricky to handle

I don't have anywhere to do it 

I struggle to motivate myself to do it

These are all normal blocks and commonly experience by many people so you are not alone! 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention on purpose in the present moment, non-judgementally. It was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn who is the founder of MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction). Mindfulness is a mental tool that looks to bring more awareness to those who practice it, a greater mental discipline, deeper relaxation plus a weath of other benefits. Topics such as compassion, kindness, how we relate to others and why we behave the way we do are also explored. 

Do I need to have any experience? 

Absolutely not! We all have to start somewhere and part of the mission to bring as many people to meditation as possible so absolutely welcome beginner (And more experienced) students to Evolution Wellness! It's recommended that you at the first Mindfulness course which will give you a solid foundation and enable you to continue your practise independently should you wish to. 

I'm a bit worried that Mindfulness could be dangerous. Is it?

Mindfulness is very safe and whilst you will experience deep relaxation, you will be in complete control of yourself. No one can make you think or do things you don't want to. Should you wish to stop at any point, you will be able to.  
As your practice becomes more advanced, you may find you come across new challenges. Students are taught how to work with this and encouraged to ask questions or seek support from one of the tutors to guide you through.
(Please note: Mindfulness should not be used as a complete substitute for therapy or medical treatments. If you are unsure, we always advise you seek the advice of qualified health professionals.) 

I can't sit still for long periods of time, is this an issue? 

No, not at all. Anxiety, chronic pain and other medical conditions, for example,  can mean the need to move or shift position frequently. This isn't a problem and in fact, could add another layer to your practice!

Do I need to bring anything with me to classes/courses? 
Everything you need will be provided but if you would like to bring your own yoga mat or a pen, you're most welcome to. 

How long will it take before I start to see any changes/benefits from mindfulness? 

It will depend on how much practise you put into it. You will most likely feel relaxation and a 'sense of calm' quite quickly but scientists say it takes 8 weeks to start changing the structure of the brain. The more you put in with it, the more you get out. 

Do I need to be spiritual or religious to do Mindfulness?

No not at all. Although Mindfulness is based on Buddhist principles, Jon Kabat-Zinn actually took away the spiritual element to create a more clinical based mind workout. Our Mindfulness classes and courses have been designed to be as inclusive as possible so people from all religions, spiritual paths, or none at all are most welcome! 

I don't feel comfortable doing this with others, can I do it in a 121? 

Yes of course. Private session are available on all services so please do get in contact to discuss your needs. 

I have another question and although there is lots of information on your website, I can't seem to find the answer to my question. Can I contact you for assistance? 

Absolutely! Just get in contact via one of the methods on the contact page.  



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Results can differ from person to person depending on factors such as level of motivation and self-practise, severity or complexity of problem.  
No instructor/therapist/healthcare provider can offer a guarantee of cure or improvement. Be aware of those that do!
If you are unsure in anyway, please get in contact. 

All students and clients must sign a health disclaimer and terms & conditions (Available on the website) ahead of working with Evolution Wellness. We are unable to work with anyone that does not for our protection and yours. 

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