Physical Fitness

Good fitness and exercise practices have clear links to mental health and offer an excellent management tool for conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

Boring exercise practices are a NO! at Evolution Wellness, instead you are offered fun fitness activities so you don't actually notice you're working out!  You do not already need to be strong/flexible/co-ordinated to come. You gain all that here!

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Benefits of fitness with Evolution Wellness
  • Safety and technique are paramount

  • Over 5 years experience in the fitness industry

  • Qualified in sports psychology so take into account the mental aspect of sport

  • Experience in fitness with physical limitations

  • Fully insured and first aid qualified

  • Registered PDC and REPs member

  • Two competition wins from Miss pole dance UK
    (1st in solo, 2nd in doubles, best entertainer, best costume)

  • Well known for encouraging, excited & enthusiastic approach to teaching

  • Facilitated students to go on to become instructors/studio owners themselves in their chosen fields

Testimony in the spotlight!

"​Anna's warm personality, patience and enthusiasm are a perfect combination to create a truly enjoyable class. She is a fantastic teacher who knows exactly how to build your strength and confidence week by week and always finds a great balance between fun and challenging classes. 

Her knowledge around healthy eating, muscle recovery and conditioning have really helped me continue my fitness journey in between her classes." -Becky H

Students will be required to sign a disclaimer before partaking in any of our services and may be asked to seek advice from their health care provider before commencing in any activities. This is to protect Evolution Wellness and you. Service users are entirely responsible for how they choose to understand, use or misuse any writings or communications. Always seek advice if unsure. 



This business has been approved and
supported by the Prince's Trust

Please note: Evolution Wellness is not able to offer diagnosis, counselling, psychiatric, clinical or other medical services. Evolution Wellness is not a therapist.
Results can differ from person to person depending on factors such as level of motivation and self-practise, severity or complexity of problem.  
No instructor/therapist/healthcare provider can offer a guarantee of cure or improvement. Be aware of those that do!
If you are unsure in anyway, please get in contact. 

All students and clients must sign a health disclaimer and terms & conditions (Available on the website) ahead of working with Evolution Wellness. We are unable to work with anyone that does not for our protection and yours. 

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