Frequently asked questions

To make it as easy for you as possible to find the information you need, we've pre-empted questions you may have. If there is anything that isn't covered, please don't hesitate to get in contact. 

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Tasters- Often they are free or of minimal costs so we are unable to offer a cancellation policy for tasters.

  • Privates- at least 24 hours' notice is required. Privates missed or cancelled within 24 hours will be forfeited without compensation.

  • Classes- at least 24 hours' notice is required. Classes missed or cancelled within 24 hours will be forfeited without compensation.

  • Workshops- at least 5 days notice prior to the workshop commencing. Workshops missed or cancelled within this time will be forfeited without compensation. 

  • Courses- at least 2 weeks prior to the course commencing, in which case you will receive a 75% refund. Courses missed or cancelled within this time will be forfeited without compensation.

We appreciate that things can get in the way of our plans in life, and circumstances beyond control may occur causing classes/courses/workshops to be missed out on. Whilst we are always sorry that you may have to miss out, in order to run a successful business, it is important that these terms are adhered to. We appreciate your understanding on the matter. 

How much of a deposit do you take?

  • Tasters- None

  • Privates- Payment upfront

  • Classes- none.

  • Workshops- this varies. Deposits, if required, will be made clear on advertising and information documents.

  • Courses- 25% of the course fee must be made for your place to be considered reserved. This is non-refundable. 

Can workshop or course places be transferred?

Yes, in some cases but there is no guarantee. Courses may be transferred to another individual if done with a minimum of 48 hours notice to Evolution Wellness and our agreement. The course must have already been paid in full and the new student/client must be prepared to sign the relevant legal documents.

What about payments?
Upon deciding to book your class/course/workshop, payment details will be sent to you. Payments must be made upfront to the account details provided. Turning up to a class without paying beforehand or with cash will not enable you to attend. This helps us to effectively manage class numbers and smooth running of the business.  

What if I don't agree with the terms and conditons or want to sign the disclaimers?

We are always happy to provide you with a full list of terms and conditions upon booking onto any class/course/workshop. They are also available here on the website and will be attached to any welcome packs. If there is anything you do not agree to, that is absolutely fine but we regretfully will not be able to allow you to participate. The  documents are there for our own and your protection and allow us to run a safe operation. If you have already signed onto a class/course/workshop and decide within the cancellation period that you do not wish to sign the documents, this will be treated in line with our cancellation policy. If there is anything you want to discuss prior to signing up to a class/course/workshop, please do get in contact. 

I have other questions about bookings/cancellations/refunds/policies. Where can I find this information?

There are handy links on this page that will take you straight to the terms and conditions which has information on bookings, cancellations and refunds. Alternatively, you can click 'About' on the menu bar to be taken to the T's & C's page.

Where are classes held?

Classes are currently run in hired spaces in across East Surrey and West Sussex or at our office in Crawley. The location will be included with inquiries and booking documents for your chosen class/course/workshop. We look to always choose venues that are easily accessible with plenty of parking available. 
We are currently looking to get our own permanent space within Horley in the very near future!

How do I book on?

Once we have our permanent venue, we will be setting up our online booking system but for now, simply contact us via message, e-mail or call us and one of the team will assist you in booking your place. 

Is there an age limit on classes/courses/workshops?

Yes, students must be 16 years or older. For those under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign disclaimers and health forms on their behalf. 

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Please note: Evolution Wellness is not able to offer diagnosis, counselling, psychiatric, clinical or other medical services. Evolution Wellness is not a therapist.
Results can differ from person to person depending on factors such as level of motivation and self-practise, severity or complexity of problem.  
No instructor/therapist/healthcare provider can offer a guarantee of cure or improvement. Be aware of those that do!
If you are unsure in anyway, please get in contact. 

All students and clients must sign a health disclaimer and terms & conditions (Available on the website) ahead of working with Evolution Wellness. We are unable to work with anyone that does not for our protection and yours. 

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