Evolution wellness offers  numerous 'Explore' workshops, designed as tasters to give you a starting point on a subject to then go off and explore further. 

Workshops can be booked and hosted on behalf of other businesses or for private groups. 

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Explore: Journaling

Monday 27th January 2020
Held at Surrey Art School, RH5 5DL
Only 8 spaces available! 
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Explore Journaling

No spelling, writing, artistic talent required for this workshop! 
Surprised? Many are!
Keeping journals are one of the best positive psychology tools for managing mental health, improving your personal goal success rate, and attaining some of the benefits meditation offers without actually meditating!

During this workshop we will look at what journaling actually is, the scientific benefits, types of journaling and why it is such a valuable tool in life. We'll also look at what to journal about, show you tools and equipment to help you create a journal that works for you, give you plenty of inspiration, as well as having a go of course!

If you are thinking of working regularly with Evolution Wellness, this workshop is highly recommended as it will help you record your journey and progress. 

Included: Take home resources, tea & Coffee, a certificate and invitation to join our Facebook group

Duration: 2 hours
Prerequisites: None. No experience necessary

BOOKING OPEN: Click here

Explore Meditation

This incredibly popular workshop aims to give you an insight into the subject of meditation. Stripped of the complexities and myths on the subject, this informative session covers the scientific benefits of meditation, practical exercises for you to try under guidance, some basic posture work, tips on how to get started and importantly, time to ask all the questions you need in so you leave eager to incorporate meditation into your life!

Included: Take home resources so you don't have to worry about forgetting what you learn

Duration: 90 minutes

Prerequisites: None. No experience necessary

Explore Mindfulness

This incredibly popular workshop aims to give you an insight into the subject of mindfulness and what it REALLY is. An accessible and informative session covering the scientific benefits of mindfulness, giving you practical exercises to try, and tips on how to start incorporating it's practices into your life immediately. Plus importantly, the time to ask the questions you need to feel ready to start bringing mindfulness into your life.  

Included: Take home resources

Duration: 90 minutes

Prerequisites: None. No experience necessary

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