Binaural Therapy Studies

This method and device were invented by Dr. G. Frank Lawlis who has done pioneering work in the field of medical psychology for pain management, addiction treatment and developed new methods to treat ADD. 

Originally the device was aimed specifically at treating ADD, but it became apparent that it was extremely effective in treating many emotional based issues. 
It has since undergone over 400,000 clinical hours and continues to be an area for research and scientific study. 

Please find a sample of studies & case studies for your interest below:



A study was done at the University of North Texas which showed significant improvement in ADD/ADHD symptoms after BAUD use. Read more about the study here: here

A Working Theory: Normalizing Neural Pathways
Note: In addition to the information below, the following paper presents a detailed
rationale and current evidence for how the BAUD works: here

A study showing the BAUD effective on anxiety: here


Reports of success in virtually eliminating this potentially damaging problem.

Subject was a 49 year-old woman with long history of bruxism, or teeth grinding during the night. She required several crowns to repair damage to teeth. She had tried two different dental appliances with little success.

Result: Subject reported immediate relief the following morning with no pain experienced. Subject did report an unusual new pain in a different part of her neck –which she also used device for. This type of displacement has been seen with other
symptoms as well. Long-term, the subject reported almost complete relief for approximately 2 months. At that time, new stress arose in her life, and the bruxism resurfaced. A follow-up treatment with the BAUD proved equally effective.

Subject was a middle-aged female who worked as an attorney for a large law firm who reported high stress and chronic insomnia.

Focus: The stress and “racing mind” that seems to be part of a hyper-arousal state for many suffering from insomnia.

Results: In her own words: “I have struggled with not sleeping for five years and it worsened until I began to take medication. But using meds to help me sleep made me feel drugged and lethargic in the mornings and I still had trouble falling asleep at night. This helps me fall asleep and I sleep the entire night in the best quality sleep. I am resting, and I am refreshed in the morning.”

Back pain
Subject was a 38 year-old woman diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and had chronic high-level pain for around 10 year. She rated this a steady 8 on SUD scale, and it would sometimes escalate to a 10 (unbearable). Pain meds proved marginally effective, but came with many undesired side effects. The pain caused her to have sleep disruption and contributed to a chronically depressed state. She admitted to one suicide attempt due to her inability to escape the pain.

Focus: Pain sensation in the back. She was coached to also remember the time she experienced the highest amount of pain from this to activate all associated pathways.

Results: The BAUD was administered and she was coached on the tuning process. In her words: “I was surprised and also shocked when I felt an immediate difference while actively in the session…” She reported dramatic relief after one session (down to a level 3 on SUD) and the ability to sleep through the night for the first time in years. A followup 3 weeks later verified the enduring relief. Since the BAUD did not cure her disease, we can theorize that much of the pain she felt was not from the present state of her disease, but a legacy of past trauma and perhaps chronic emotional response to the pain.

Chronic tendinitis
Subject was a 48 year-old male experienced consistent pain from tendinitis in the shoulder after over-exertion. The pain persisted for several years, despite icing, over-the counter pain medication, and reduced activity. 

Focus: Pain in the shoulder. Patient was coached to move shoulder into a position which slightly activated his pain to better focus the mind and tune the BAUD. Patient also moved arm to slightly re-activate pain (and clarify focus) a few times during the session.

Results: Patient felt the pain was “obscured” and reduced during the session. A large decrease in pain was felt immediately after the session (patient estimates 75% reduction). Even more interesting is that over the next two weeks (with one additional session), the residual pain diminished and subject reported as completely pain-free. This state lasted
until subject re-aggravated the condition some 3 months later. Follow-up use of the BAUD was effective.



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