Binaural Therapy FAQs

Binural therapy is an up and coming form of sound therapy with plenty of researching validating it's effectiveness and attracting further researchers to explore it's application.

It's a great option for dealing with a variety of issues as it can often offer almost immediate relief from an issue with no side-effects and over a period of time, create permanent results with no neural entrainment of the brain.

Is it safe?

Even with extended clinical use (over 400,000+ sessions) and there have never been any serious side effects. In rare cases, some people may get a headache, temporary dizziness or experience a 'tinny', humming or buzzing sounds for a minute or so after use. 

What conditions is this used to treat?

ADHD, ADD, alcohol addiction, anger, anxiety, CPTSD, depression, drug additction teeth grinding (Bruxism), gambling, guilt, insomnia, persistent nightmares, migraines, nail biting, OCD, pain; post-operative/ back/ tendinitis/ carpal tunnel/chronic, panic attacks, self-esteem issues, anxiety-based sexual performance issues, unwanted sexual impulses, smoking, stress.


Pre-assessment is essential as Evolution Wellness do no offer treatment for all the conditions listed. If unable to help, you will be referred to someone who can. 

Do I need to be hooked up to machines?

No, unlike many other forms of more targeted neurotherapies that require lots of wires and monitoring devices, this only requires a set of headphones and awareness of sensations to act as a monitor. This is an amazing advantage because even the most advance monitoring devices cannot specifically isolate the particular emotions being experienced but those using this device can. 

How does it work? 

You are given a small handheld device that has the ability to emit different sound frequencies and a set of headphones. By focusing on the issue you are wishing to deal with and the physical feelings it creates, you will activate the same neural circuits when experiencing the problem for real. 
Once triggered, you then tune the device with the first frequency, which will intensify the feelings slightly. Shortly after, you tune in the second frequency known as 'the disruptor' which will make the problem sensation reduce.   

You continue to focus on the problem in order to maintain the neural activity looking to be resolved. 

By doing this, you isolate the brain frequencies directly related to the problem which is what makes this such a cleverly targeted treatment. Over time this seems to alter the brain's neural networks , bringing them from a state of arousal back to neutral. The unique combination of personlised binaural frequencies and the user-activated mental processes, all work together to create a gentle disruption and 'reset' of neural circuits. 

Will it affect my brain in other ways? 
No, the research shows it only impacts the issue you are directly focusing sustained attention on. 

How long does it take before seeing results? 

It varies with each individual. Some people will see results from session 1, others not until session 6 or 7. I have never known anyone need more than 12 sessions to achieve the results they are seeking. 

What if it doesn't work? 
This is exceptionally unlikely. It has been proven to work for 80% of people with the final 20% being accounted for with tuning issues. There are some groups of people (those with autism or hearing issues for example) whom this treatment may not be appropriate for. The initial assessment is to explore if this is a viable option for you before committing financially. 

Why haven't I heard of it before?

I asked the same question.
This is an American invented device and it was originally marketed at the individual home user. It is expensive to purchase and unfortunately people struggled to use it without guidance. Pharmaceutical companies did not wish to take it up because not only did it not make them money, it would cause them major financial loss as people started to no longer need their medication.  Thankfully other therapists have taken it up but it is not well known in the UK. There are less than 30 of us registered to use the device in this country. 

How did you get into it? 

I have been through the treatment myself to deal with very severe complex post traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia. I was very skeptical of it initially but after experiencing near total relief of all my symptoms in 10 sessions, I was amazed and wanted to make this accessible to others!

I have another question and although there is lots of information on your website, I can't seem to find the answer to my question. Can I contact you for assistance? 

Absolutely! Just get in contact via one of the methods on the contact page.  



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