My name is Anna Ellard: connoisseur of all things happiness, self-healing and personal evolution creating. 

I'm a teacher-coach, an avid tea drinker, absolutely multi-passionate, a spiritual being who happens to love science and a determined master of overcoming. 

I absolutely love life and have a real zest for learning. I'm an empathic soul too which really helps on my mission:


To share with everyone a metaphorical toolbox of skills and resources, and the confidence to use them,

so that everyone can be their own healer, creators of their own happiness and achieve their own great success.

"As you climb your ladder of success, reach down and pull others up with you." - Frank Sonnenberg

About Anna Ellard

Anna is the oldest of 9 children. She spent the first 10 years of her life living with 5 of her siblings and her mother, who was extremely abusive and directed much of it at Anna. At the age of 10, Anna ran away and was taken in by her father and Grandmother, who gave her the safety and care she needed. 


As a result of her experiences and the ongoing trauma, Anna was diagnosed with 7 different mental health issues. It was the beginning of her deep understanding in how mental health is approached and treated. 

Despite her start in life, Anna worked hard and at the age of 19 joined the ambulance service and was quickly promoted. It gave her excellent life experience, a keen interest in the medical and psychological as well as a passion for helping others. 


Four years into her career Anna became unwell and after two years of investigation, was diagnosed with the chronic condition Fibromyalgia/M.E. and medically retired. There is no cure or treatment for Fibromyalgia and currently limited professional understanding. It left her physically disabled, in a great deal of pain and needing to be cared for, so she moved back home to her Grandmother

Being confined to bed a lot and unable to work, Anna dedicated any time where she felt well enough to intensively studying, researching and using herself as a guinea pig in a bid to regain a quality of life. 


She achieved great success; going from bed-bound to starting as a qualified aerial sports instructor and meditation teacher in 2015, where she discovered she had a natural talent for teaching.

Medical professionals were amazed at her turnaround and self-sufficiency, some even asking if they could send their patients for 'off the books' advice. Word spread and Anna soon found herself being contacted by numerous people asking for help. Anna went back to education to get the necessary qualifications and set about working out how she could help as many people as possible. 

In September 2018, Anna launched Evolution Wellness, which has seen her teach hundreds of people in multiple disciplines, achieving some truly fantastic transformations for those that work with her. Anna has been invited to work with brand giants; Virgin Atlantic, Sweaty Betty, a well known airport service and many smaller businesses and individuals. She was also a finalist for the 'Women in business' national awards in December 2019. 

Anna is happily married, living with her husband, two cats and their puppy, Dillon. She is entirely medication and medical-intervention free for all conditions and most importantly, truly happy. 



  • Beginners & intermediate aerial hoop

  • Beginners & intermediate Pole fitness

  • Stretch and flexibility 

  • Level 3 Hatha Yoga (750hr YTT)

  • Aerial yoga 


  • Dip. Meditation 
  • Dip. Mindfulness

  • Dip. Stress management

  • Dip. Pain management

  • Dip. Sport psychology


  • Dip. Nutrition

  • Dip. Aromatherapy

  • Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology

Accredited by: 

  • IICT

  • PDC


  • Fully insured 

  • First aid certified

  • DBS checked

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