Anna is qualified in the following areas:


  • Dip. Meditation 
  • Dip. Mindfulness

  • Dip. Stress management

  • Dip. Pain management

  • Dip. Sport psychology


  • Beginners & intermediate aerial hoop

  • Beginners & intermediate Pole fitness

  • Stretch and flexibility 

  • Level 3 Yoga


  • Dip. Nutrition

  • Dip. Aromatherapy

  • Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology

Accredited by: 

  • IICT

  • PDC


  • Fully insured 

  • First aid certified

  • DBS checked

Anna (Owns and runs Evolution Wellness)

I set up Evolution Wellness after achieving my own transformation when dealing with multiple mental and chronic health conditions. 

I suffered a really traumatic childhood, which resulted in two things; a lot of mental health challenges and a keen desire to lessen the suffering of others. 

I was diagnosed with my first mental health condition at 15. It was the start of 15+ years of experiencing exactly how mental health is approached and treated.


Despite the intense and challenging mental health battles, at the age of 19 I managed to join the ambulance service! I lived and breathed for life in SECAmb (South East Coast Ambulance Service). It gave me some excellent life experiences and a deep interest in the medical & psychological.  My passion, enthusiasm and intensive studying paid off. Within 18 months, I had already been promoted and was starting the process to take the next step up the ladder again. However, life had other plans.


4 years into my career, I was diagnosed with the chronic condition, Fibromyalgia/M.E. and was medically retired. 

It was devastating. I had lost my career and all that went with it, my physical health and to an extent, my identity. As you might imagine, that did no favours for my mental health. 
To make matters worse, the condition had taken so long to be diagnosed that I had deteriorated considerably, leaving me very physically disabled. 
There is no cure for Fibromyalgia, little professional understanding and not much in the way of available treatment. 


The early part of my life was destroyed, then the subsequent years spent undoing that. Now this? I was angry, no way was I accepting this was my lot in life!!!
Seeing as I was stuck in bed most of the time anyway, whenever I was well enough, I was studying obsessively! Physiology, psychology, neuroscience, fitness, nutrition, pain management,meditation, name it I was investigating it. I would sit and read academic studies and text books, then test out what I was learning on myself. I absolutely WAS going to get better! 

In an attempt to keep this story shorter; fast forward and I had got myself from bed-bound to teaching 8 hours of fitness a week and was managing my mental health conditions with minimal intervention.
I started getting regular messages from others asking for help or how I had 'done it'? I even had doctors sending their patients for advice 'off the books' so I could teach them how to do what I had done. It seemed lots of other people were struggling to get the right help and support too. 

I started to put my attention and energy into addressing the issues and barriers facing people with mental and physical health problems that I had come across in my journey and out of that, Evolution Wellness was born! 

I'm now very happily married, living with my husband, two cats and  puppy. I run my own business, I have great friends and family and enjoy doing my many hobbies and interests. I don't take any medication and I'm completely self-managed for all my conditions. Most importantly of all, I'm truly and deeply happy. 

And now I'm teaching others how they can do the same. 

Get to know the Anna...

What other work have you done in your life?

Other than the roles I held in the Ambulance service, I've worked on a very busy maternity unit, had my own cake business and have even done modelling part-time. Quite a mix! It was when I started the work I do now though, that is when I really felt I had found my purpose. 

What are you really proud of?
The family and friends who do extraordinary things daily. 

Seeing students achieve and progress.  

My ability to turn a struggle or suffering into something positive or an opportunity for growth.

What aspect of your own development you are working on for 2019?
This year I want to go deeper into yogic philosophy. 
I am also very focused on matters of the home and family, with a particular focus turning to my wedding in April 2019 and plans beyond that. As always I will be ensuring that as the demands of the business grow, I maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

I never stop working on my spiritual development, and to be honest just learning/studying/practising in general. That's a lifelong process and I'll forever consider myself a student of all my areas of study and development. 

What makes you happy?

So much in life makes me happy! Mostly though, it's the little things that have the biggest impact.
Time spent with loved ones, tea, kindness, little shows of love, affection and thoughtfulness, dogs, playing board games, being creative, time alone (to dance, journal, read, study, meditate etc), helping others, being with close friends and family. 

Do you have an inspirational quote, motto or affirmation you like or use?

I don't stick to a single one but rather use them to aid me as needed.
I have a monthly affirmation which changes to whatever my main focus is for the month and I will sometimes start my day off with a word or quote I want to take with me that day. I use mantras/affirmations in my meditations quite often too, particularly if I need to help myself with something. So they're always changing! I find them really uplifting and a helpful life tool too. 



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supported by the Prince's Trust

Please note: Evolution Wellness is not able to offer diagnosis, counselling, psychiatric, clinical or other medical services. Evolution Wellness is not a therapist.
Results can differ from person to person depending on factors such as level of motivation and self-practise, severity or complexity of problem.  
No instructor/therapist/healthcare provider can offer a guarantee of cure or improvement. Be aware of those that do!
If you are unsure in anyway, please get in contact. 

All students and clients must sign a health disclaimer and terms & conditions (Available on the website) ahead of working with Evolution Wellness. We are unable to work with anyone that does not for our protection and yours. 

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