Amie is qualified in the following:

  • Pole fitness Instructor

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Degree in Biomedical science

Amie (Team Member)

Amie has always had a keen interest in physical health. She has been active in many ways throughout all stages of her life and has tried her hand at a varied range of sporting and physical activities. 


"If there's been something I've wanted to try, I would just throw myself wholeheartedly into it. I've tried and enjoyed a lot of things. I was an avid skateboarder in my youth, as well as surfing, skiing, snowboarding, ballet, football; the list is basically endless!"


After studying A-levels and not knowing which direction to take her career, Amie initially got a job in a hospital microbiology department. Here she worked as a trainee and studied a degree in Biomedical Science. Her spare time was dedicated to remaining active, finding release in bouldering, ice hockey and roller hockey. She met her now husband playing roller hockey and settled down to make a life together. After having her first child, Amie sought a new venture and this was when she found a soul felt love of Pole dance/fitness! 


"Ice hockey was a real passion of mine but after having my daughter, logistically it got hard to continue with any regularity but I HAD to do something, I guess it's in my nature!? So I looked into finding a new niche for myself. I came across pole classes and thought it sounded fun. After my first one I was completely hooked! It's been an obsession ever since!"


A second baby brought with it post-natal depression which Amie feels was greatly combated by keeping impassioned with her love of pole, which has continued to serve as source of empowerment and a place of release that allows her to find herself again amidst the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of motherhood! Wanting to pass on and spread this love she then trained as an instructor and thoroughly enjoys teaching. 

"Even after a terrible day of inner tormenting darkness, it felt as though I could literally just shrug it off as if it were simply a huge heavy coat I wore. I would enter the studio, instantly transform and leave in much lighter spirits, feeling ready to take on another day, whatever it threw at me"


Amie works hard to support Anna with the work done at Evolution Wellness and is an integral part of social media and admin support
Amie's roll will continue to grow as the business does. 


Get to know the team...

What were you doing before coming to Evolution Wellness?

Prior to Evolution Wellness I was solely a 24 hour/7days a week/356 days a year home maker and looking after my three young children.

What other work have you done in your life?

I used to work in a diagnostic Microbiology laboratory as a Biomedical Scientist, I left after having my second child and trained as a pole fitness instructor in order to work part-time.

What are you really proud of?

I'm particularly proud of having solid confidence in myself!

Is there some aspect of your own development you are working on for 2018?

My personal development is very focused on being mindfully balanced at the moment. I strongly believe the physical side of life becomes a lot easier when your mind is in a harmonious place.

What makes you happy?

Spending time around my family makes me contentedly happy! Equally...being upside down!

Do you have an inspirational quote, motto or affirmation you like or use?

"Go with the flow, things always work out in the end!"

If someone was unsure about coming to a class, course or workshop, what advice would you give them?

Summon all your will power and just go for it! It's better, I think, to possibly (and briefly) regret something you've done and take a life lesson from it rather than forever regretting the fact you didn't try and always wishing you had!! 



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Results can differ from person to person depending on factors such as level of motivation and self-practise, severity or complexity of problem.  
No instructor/therapist/healthcare provider can offer a guarantee of cure or improvement. Be aware of those that do!
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