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Hello beautiful soul, my name is Anna Ellard

I'm a teacher and coach with an expertise in helping people get back to and maintain optimal happiness and mental health. I've supported and empowered hundreds of women (and some lovely men too) to take back control of their own wellbeing. 

My mission is to do for you what I've done for myself (You can read more about that here
and give you a 'toolbox' of skills so you can help yourself when needed and with confidence!

I use a variety of scientifically backed methods to achieve long-term successful self-management and improvement in: 

Mental health 
Pain/Chronic health conditions
and most importantly, Happiness.

I believe everyone has the power within themselves to heal, grow and to feel a deep happiness.
I believe in e
mpowering you with the knowledge to do so
I believe in unending growth and personal evolution. 

All we ever need is just to be shown how. 

And that's where our work together begins.


We are collectively experiencing an event unlike anything we've been through before. Understandably there will be many intense emotions, feelings of loss, uncertainty, anxiety and undoubtedly stress as the effects of the virus impact the globe. 

Protection and maintenance of our mental health and overall wellbeing, and that of our loved ones, is always important but not it is absolutely vital! 

I've made available free resources, support and information that may be extremely useful to you and yours during this time.

All the love, light and wellness to you,

Do you want to manage your mental health for yourself?


Be the master of your own healing process?


To push yourself personally to the next level?

The exact tools you need are below...

The Top 10 for your 'toolbox'

I'm sharing the top 10 skills and subjects that have helped not only myself, but hundreds of my students to cope and thrive in life. Yes, this e-book gives you the exact tools I have used in my own transformation and teach to others for managing their mental health, growing deeper happiness and succeeding in whichever area of life they're looking to develop! 

Are you experiencing this too?


anting to avoid medication if possible.


  • Therapy/medical intervention hasn't/isn't working/isn't available.

  • You're proactive in wanting to support yourself through challenging times.


  • You feel good but there feels like something is 'missing'.


  • You've worked hard to get yourself to where you are now but you are ready for more, to step into the next phase of yourself...

I've felt all of the above and managed to get through each stage and guess what? It was the same set of tools and skills that facilitated each aspect.

So if you're up for the learning and the journey...this is the right place for you.


Free videos and resources

The easiest way for me to be of service to you at this time is via social media. During the next few weeks and months, I will be putting out as much content as I can to support you, mostly through video on Facebook and Instagram.


Please do follow the Evolution Wellness page links below to get access and if you find it helpful, share it with others. You could really help someone. 

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